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Top 7 Personalized Learning Platforms for Learners

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Top 7 Personalized Learning Platforms for Learners

Learners will likely understand what they are being taught if learning is customized to their needs. However, educators have difficulty developing an instructional schedule that works for every student. That is where personalized learning platforms come into play. They help instructors to put their students’ abilities, needs, interests, and goals above everything else during lessons.

But with so many personalized learning platforms out there, choosing the best is challenging.

To help you with it, we have narrowed the field to the seven best personalized learning platforms you can use across all subjects and key concepts.

Top Personalized Learning Platforms

Globally there are many personalized learning platforms available, but here’s the list of the seven most interesting ones;

Top Personalized Learning Platforms


If you want to learn a language, the fastest and easiest way is to have an excellent instructor to coach you.

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Credits: tutormandarin.net

TutorMandarin is one of the best personalized learning applications that offer learners one-on-one Chinese online classes with certified educators.

You can take classes through high-quality video calling, viewable lessons, or interactive whiteboards.

This adaptive learning application is perfect for practicing your vocabulary and bettering your pronunciation and speaking skills.


MindPrint has many helpful features, making it the perfect pick for your learning needs. Firstly, educators can use it to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as conditions and develop a customized study program.

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Credits: mindprintlearning.com

The platform even makes recommendations for educators and parents on the best strategies to use to help students succeed. Psychologists and experts especially support these strategies.

Therefore, they can help learners master essential skills and understand their study subjects.


DIY makes lessons fun, as learners can direct their learning through gamification.

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Credits: diy.org

Learners can easily browse the subjects of interest and use the platform to learn different skills by trying out various challenges and obtaining peer feedback on their performance. They can earn “patches” (badges) on the app if their performance is terrific.

It is an outstanding application as it empowers students to better their interests, discover their potential, and explore their skills.


SimpliTaught adapts the learning experience to individual students’ needs and preferences. The platform offers personalized learning content around key concepts and gives customized recommendations based on the interests of students and educators.

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Moreover, the chat and video conferencing feature enables real-time interaction between students and educators, making lectures fun and engaging. SimpliTaught’s AI algorithm is smart enough to present the right content at the right time, providing a seamless experience to its users.


What sets Scootpad apart from the crowd is that it focuses on all learners, including slow-paced, faced-paced, and everyone in between. In addition, it encompasses many different areas, such as spelling, reading, writing, math, etc.

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Credits: scootpad.com

The application offers parents and instructors access to their dashboard from where they can track how their child is performing and get data on them.

Explain Everything

Understanding is easy for learners when they teach and present ideas in a way they are able to understand. Explain Everything does precisely this! Moreover, since it focuses on learners teaching their fellows, their comprehension significantly increases.

Explain Everything Logo
Credits: explaineverything.com

It’s a beautiful platform as it assists students in understanding a subject through various dimensions. For example, students can create animated videos or annotate.

ClassCraft Quests

Blended learning tools for teaching are unique because they break the standard classroom learning curve. So, it enables instructors and students to have interactive fun lessons.

Classcraft Logo
Credits: classcraft.com

Quests are a feature within Classcraft that empower educators to deliver exciting studying paths utilizing lesson schemes they have. Educators organize lesson objectives together to create a “quest” path.

A learner is then required to complete an assigned task which may be an assignment or classroom activity before they proceed to the next objective.

These quests possess branching paths that instructors can use to guide their students on the objectives according to their progress.

Final Thoughts!

Personalized learning is designed to help learners adapt content to their knowledge and abilities. Hence, with personalized learning platforms, educators can create student-centered learning and aid in boosting the performance of their students.

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