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Identifying the Right Personalized Learning Apps for Your Needs

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Right Personalized Learning Apps for Your Needs

With the advent of technology, there are more learning opportunities than before. Thanks to the internet, we can access a wealth of information at our fingertips. Moreover, the rise of mobile devices has resulted in learning that is now possible anywhere. There are the best apps for almost every category, and educational apps are no exception. Many companies have developed personalized learning apps to help students and teachers learn new things much faster and more efficiently. 

So, if you want to learn a new skill, great educational apps are just waiting for you to jump in. These personalized learning apps can assist you in learning everything from coding to language to music. Besides, they are available on mobile devices, making it easier for you to access them anywhere and anytime.

The astonishing thing about learning is that you are constantly challenged and engaged. As a result, it can help boost your mood and make you feel happier. This blog will explore the best personalized learning apps to keep your mind sharp and your mood positive.

Best Personalized Learning Apps

We will review the best personalized learning apps to help you transform your educational journey.


Many of the best colleges and universities worldwide offer programs and courses on Coursera. It is designed to work with the website so you can access courses, enroll in them, watch video lessons, and complete assignments no matter where you are. You can select from various courses, such as computer science, business, math, data science, social sciences,  logic, and more. Likewise, you can download complete courses and individual lectures, making it easier to fit education into your busy schedules.

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Credits: coursera.org

In addition, some Coursera programs offer you a certificate upon completion. However, to get those certificates, a monthly subscription is required. If you don’t have a budget for this, you can receive financial aid after qualifying for it. Besides, you can audit the course for free if you do not want the certificate, but you would be unable to submit assignments or take exams. Additionally, you can set study reminders to ensure you do not slack off. Whether you are looking to prepare for a new job, explore a new hobby, or further your education, the Coursera app offers a flexible and engaging way.


Learning a new language can open endless possibilities for anyone. Memrise offers 19 beginner and intermediate-level options; languages include Danish, Chinese, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish, and Yoruba. Each session helps you learn new words and phrases and lets you get familiar with their spelling and pronunciation. Additionally, you can keep track of learned words and review them when needed.

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Credits: memrise.com

This app is free and ad-supported, but subscription plans are readily accessible for those who want to get rid of ads and unlock all features and content, like “Learn with Locals.” it allows you to gain access to thousands of videos from the native language speakers, and a test at the end of each video. Likewise, there’s an “Immerse” section for free accounts. Each day you can access a new stream of short video clips with subtitles and switch back and forth between the language you’re learning and your native language. But, these videos do not have knowledge checks.


Many people struggle with math, which is why this app is Godsend. It covers various topics such as quantity, numbers, algebra, functions, trigonometry and angles, calculus, and sequences. It does not just solve math problems and equations. Photomath also demonstrates solving steps and explains each step in detail. Moreover, you can take a picture of a math problem you want to solve from your device’s camera or utilize the advanced calculator to enter it to get a solution. The camera capture feature works excellent for worksheets, books, and even web pages (for example, you can easily take a picture of your laptop screen or computer).

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Credits: photomath.com

In addition, the app includes a helpful section for textbook solutions, where you can search by ISBN or title and view the problems’ solutions in that textbook. You can access those solutions easily because they are organized by page and problem number. Unfortunately, you cannot see the solving steps with a free account when you view the answers. To know the solving steps, you must upgrade to Plus. With a Plus monthly or yearly subscription, you can unlock all steps for textbook solutions, in-depth examples for complex problems, and animated tutorials. It’s an excellent match for students or anyone who works with math daily.


SimpliTaught adapts the learning experience to individual students’ needs and preferences. The platform offers personalized learning content around key concepts and gives customized recommendations based on the behavioral patterns of students and educators.

SimpliTaught Logo

You can access learning materials and supplemental resources around key concepts you want. Moreover, you can prepare for exams like a pro with their “exam prep library.” Their “My Drive” helps you store all the necessary information and exam materials in one place.

The chat and video conferencing feature also enables real-time interaction between students and educators, making lectures fun and engaging. In addition, SimpliTaught’s AI algorithm is smart enough to present the right content at the right time, providing a seamless experience to its users.


This application aims to make learning fun using rewards, unlockable stories, and multiple exercise types. You can choose from 40 languages: Arabic, Latin, Hindi, Indonesian, Welsh, Klingon, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Zulu. Before starting your learning journey, you can see helpful tips and hear keywords’ pronunciation. The most beneficial exercises on the app are speaking and listening. Besides, you will earn gems, XP, and badges as you progress.

Duolingo Logo
Credits: duolingo.com

Duolingo also has a heart system to keep things balanced. You will begin with five each day with a free ad-supported account. You will lose a heart for each inaccurate answer; however, you can restore your lost hearts by practicing old or previous materials or waiting for them to refill every five hours.

If you want to remove ads and avail extra benefits like unlimited hearts, the ability to test out of any level, and progress tracking with tailored quizzes, subscribe to the Super Duolingo subscription plan. Moreover, Duolingo also has an app that helps kids how to read.


This application is incredible if you want to increase your science, computer science, or math knowledge. Significant topics include Algebra, Logic and Deduction, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Mathematical thinking, Calculus, Contest Math, and Advanced Mathematics. Each course’s landing page shows the prerequisites, and lessons encompass guided interactive exercises, detailed explanations, and helpful tips to break down complex topics.

Brilliant logo
Credits: brilliant.org

You can use Brilliant for free and without any ads. However, you will have limited access to how much you can learn in each area. Hence, you will only get the preview of each course (some displaying more lessons than others). Undoubtedly, it is perfect for personal use, but you will need a monthly or annual educational or professional development subscription. A subscription will unlock offline mode, all daily challenges, and all courses.


This application is the best in its league for advancing your career. EdX provides over 3,000 well-organized courses, degrees, and programs from prestigious institutions and universities worldwide. In addition, most courses offer audit (free) and verified (paid) tracks. The one-time fee for verified track varies per course and is typically between $50 and $300. After paying this fee, you can unlock unlimited access to course materials, graded assignments and exams, and a verified certificate upon completion.

edX logo
Credits: edx.org

When auditing a course, you can only access video lessons (which you can download for offline use), reading material, discussion forums, and upgraded practice assignments (if available). You can only gain access during the course. However, you can upgrade if you want. You must do it before the Verification Upgrade Deadline. Besides, not all content on the app is optimized for mobile apps, and you may be directed to web browsers for some content or features.

Khan Academy

Like Brilliant, this application is geared toward computing, science, and math. In addition, students can learn economics, arts and humanities, economics, life skills, and reading and language arts. They also provide preparation for SAT, Praxis Core Math, LSAT, Praxis Core Reading, and MCAT. This app is completely free and does not have any ads. 

Khan Academy Logo

You can choose as many courses as you would like, and each course is broken up into lessons for your convenience. Likewise, each lesson includes practice exercises, video instructions, and a unit test. Some courses also contain quizzes. Step-by-step instructions and hints are also available if you get stuck. Khan Academy also has a free app for kids ages two to eight (preschool through second grade). It provides educational lessons, books, activities, and games that children will love.


This learning app is ideal for those focusing on data science, computer programming, or web development. It is free to use with ad support. On the contrary, a Pro account unlocks unlimited access to lessons, removes unnecessary ads, enables you to set daily learning goals, etc. You can choose from 17 programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, R, Kotlin, Go, Ruby, PHP, and Swift 4.

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Caption: sololearn.com

Anyone can produce a project and share it with peers within the app. You can view or edit the exact code whether viewing or sharing projects. Tweaking the code lets you put your clever touch on someone else’s project and vice versa. Besides viewing others’ creations, you can compete in coding challenges against other Sololearn users to test your knowledge and track how you stack up on the public leaderboard.

Perfect Ear

If you have always wanted to learn about scales, notation, intervals, chords, and other music concepts, this app is perfect for you. Also, if you are ambitious about creating music, you can turn your music-learning experience into a competition by connecting your Google Play Games account. Then, you can easily compete with your friends and users worldwide, automatically back up your progress to Google Drive, and unlock online achievements. 

Perfect Ear Logo
Credits: perfectear.app

Although the application is free, you can purchase premium access to upgrade your experience. For instance, exercise packs can be purchased for each category, as well as a custom exercise editor, to enable you to create personalized exercises. 

The app contains ear and rhythm training exercises, music theory guides, drills for improving your musicianship, and guided courses solely based on your experience level. Additionally, it lets you customize many of its aspects according to your preferences. For example, you can enable haptic feedback, choose the default tempo (BPM), invert the buttons (if your dominant hand is left), change the app’s language, customize each exercise according to your needs, and more.


It is a coding app that allows you to go above and beyond by enrolling in its six-month certified development program for only $499 monthly or a one-time fee of $2,899. In addition, they offer a remote 20 hours a week program and provide one-on-one instruction and code reviews. The application also helps you with hiring through career coaching and interview preparation. Moreover, you can use Mimo for free to learn JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Mimo logo
Credits: mimo.org

Though the tool contains ads, you can easily upgrade to Pro to get rid of them and access the entire library of projects, paths, and challenges. When completing a coding path, you will also receive more challenging exercises and unlimited coding playgrounds. The Playground feature allows you to select a template, generate a project (website, JavaScript or Python program, or React app), and publish it on the Web.


This study app enables you to master humanities and arts, math, science, languages, and social science. Learning with Quizlet is fun because of its scientifically-backed and engaging methods: pronunciation guides, multiple-choice questions, and interactive games. Interestingly, students who use Quizlet report higher grades. Additionally, the search function works exceptionally, returning outcomes for flashcard sets, users, textbooks, questions, and classes.

quizlet logo
Credit: quizlet.com

One of the most user-friendly features is the audio button on each flashcard, which reads it aloud for you to understand. Likewise, you can add individual cards to your favorites. The app is ad-supported and free to use, but monthly and annual subscription gets you access to premium features with zero ads. Premium features include practice tests, expert step-by-step solutions, personalized flashcard sets, and allows you to make flashcards from handwritten notes. Quizlet is a fantastic choice for anyone studying for an exam or test, whether professional or student.

Final Thoughts!

There is no denying that continuing education plays a critical role in keeping students active and stimulated. As you age, your brain activity tends to decline. However, embracing new knowledge and challenges can improve memory and cognitive abilities. The advantages are undeniable and stunning to pass up. With various learning apps readily available and more being constantly updated, you got no excuse to slack off. It’s time to start learning and take that leap!

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