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The Best Online Learning Resources 2024

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The world of AI and virtual education is constantly evolving and growing. Whether you want to learn new skills or explore a subject or topic, online learning resources offer endless solutions. You can also complete an entire course on such platforms and save money compared to traditional classroom learning.

When students were forced out of school, it was challenging for them to find places to learn and develop new skills. The internet, however, saved the day, and many institutions started offering resources for online learning. In addition, many online platforms have made courses and training easier than before. Distance learning is a perfect way for most students to continue their education, so we’ve put together a list of online learning resources to help you find the best fit.

List of Top Online Learning Resources

1. Bloc

Bloc is an intensive option for students who want to learn quickly. It focuses on web development and offers a highly structured program running 25 hours per week over several months instead of short courses or lectures.

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Credits: bloc.io

Bloc is not a cheap option, with tuition starting at $8,500, but it is an excellent choice for those prepared to commit to a game-changing career. It offers learning explicitly based on building skills in two tracks: web design and web development.

2. Canvas Network

Canvas Network provides open, online courses from educators worldwide. Canvas Learning Management System powers it and offers a place and platform for teachers, students, and institutions to come together and chat their courses for professional development, personal growth, and educational inquiry.

canvas network logo
Credits: canvas.net

It helps educators, learners, and technologists to build open educational resources to break down learning barriers. All you have to do is sign up with an email and get access to a wide range of content and lessons. Additionally, the courses are offered in various languages to make them open and more accessible for users.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides an entirely free educational library of micro-lectures. It is a non-profit online platform focused on traditional academic subjects like humanities, science, mathematics, economics, and computer programming. Since the forum is free to use, anyone can get a taste of the topic before moving on to more advanced courses elsewhere.

Khan Academy Logo
Credits: khanacademy.org

Khan academy has extended its online services to school-age students due to the pandemic. Now, learners of all ages can take advantage of the growth in content, lesson plans, and much more.

4. SimpliTaught

SimpliTaught is an edTech platform offering curated content around key learning concepts. It offers opportunities for students to learn from the best educators worldwide. Learners can choose which key concept or course they want to take, and the AI-driven platform gives them a highly personalized learning experience based on their preferences and interests.

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Also, educators, content creators, and institutions can come on the platform to create their courses to reach a vast majority of students and benefit from the AI+ML engine that lets them promote their courses, lesson plans, videos, audio, and other learning materials. SimpliTaught helps you to create, learn, and collaborate.

5. Coursera

One of the most well-known names in online education is Coursera. The platform has a vast array of online learning resources with a global roster of universities and partners offering more than 3,900 specialized courses. Most of the courses are free, or learners can use them to earn a degree from an accredited institution.

Coursera logo
Credits: coursera.org

Many software companies also provide certification lessons and exams through Coursera, which can aid students in using database management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools.

6. edX

edX is an educational platform that Harvard and MIT founded. It has taught more than twenty million people since its inception. The platform is a global non-profit organization that features courses from educators and universities all over the world in subjects such as computer science, engineering, languages, biology, marketing, electronics, and writing.

edX logo
Credits: edx.org

Much of the services are free; however, you can also pay to get a verified certificate that attests you have completed a course through edX. Moreover, you can utilize the platform to search for degree programs.

7. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a repository of free online video lectures and courses from the world’s top universities and colleges. Students can find specific courses in many subjects and search by universities to learn what they are interested in. It is a smart search tool and an excellent site to start your academic journey.

academic earth logo
Credits: academicearth.org

Academic Earth collects many free courses from around the world, so learners can click on a lesson plan from where they are taken to another partner on their list, for example, MIT OpenCourseWare, to begin learning.

8. Drawspace

Drawspace is an educational tool offering high-quality art lessons for all skill levels. Experienced art teachers design these lessons. They provide complete courses and individual classes to help students master different drawing techniques.

drawspace logo
Credits: drawspace.com

Drawspace has a mix of free and paid content. Art students can learn the basics of drawing and painting to more advanced elements like drawing people and techniques like creating art with tea bags and making their colors. Additionally, if you aspire to become an artist, Drawspace puts forth lessons on working as a visual artist, teaching others art, and getting past an artist’s block.

9. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers subscriptions starting at $19.99 per month. It provides learners with extensive video skills and a tutorial library. Once you have subscribed, the services also include LinkedIn’s Premium Career features to assist you in growing your career.

LinkedIn Learning logo
Credits: linkedin.com/learning

Their resources are based mainly on technological skills, such as programming in multiple languages. Sign in with a LinkedIn account so that the company can provide you with courses and recommendations depending on your current job, skill level, and what other professionals like you are studying.

10. Udacity

Udacity is a 100% online platform with a strong focus on technology. It has a small but well-crafted collection of courses.  If you are looking to learn the latest tech skills, data science, AI, or cloud computing at home, Udacity’s data science program has instructors from companies such as Facebook and Salesforce. In addition, under the “nano degree” program, Udacity allows you to pay monthly for your courses. Their classes come with tech support, career services, and real-world projects.

Udacity logo
Credits: udacity.com

11. Udemy

Udemy is well known for teaching and learning online. The company offers courses ranging from $10 to $500 based on your chosen class and educator. Most of their courses are inexpensive but costs quickly scale depending on the complexity of the subject matter. It gets a little expensive once you take more than one class on the platform.

Udemy logo
Credits: Udemy.com

What sets Udemy apart from the rest is that it offers a wide range of classes on traditional academic topics and even specific business skills, like how to use Excel for financial analysis. You can decide which course to take by seeing the ratings provided by previous students on various courses and classes the organization offers.

12. Open Culture

Open Culture is a website that collects audiobooks, ebooks, textbooks, and other educational materials to support lifelong learning with free classes, videos, and audio. The non-profit educational site finds free learning resources from across the internet and gathers them under one platform. They make these materials available for students to quickly find what they want to learn.

open culture logo
Credits: openculture.com

The website has listed more than 1,500 free courses from different universities. If you wish to receive credit or a certificate for completing a class, Open Culture charges an affiliate fee from the place that sponsors the course, like edX or Coursera. 

Final Thoughts!

Online learning provides learners with chances to pursue their education and upscale their skills at their own pace and will. Whether you are just starting out or a professional who wants to upgrade your skills and work simultaneously, online learning resources help you tailor your education to your needs.

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