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Top 12 Online Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

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Online learning tools for teachers and students

There are hundreds of online learning tools for students and teachers to provide an autonomous learning environment. These online learning tools aim to improve the administration of academic processes, encourage collaboration, and make it easier for students and teachers to communicate.

Best Online Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

Here’s a list of online learning tools that are popular and most frequently used.

1. Socrative

A group of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about education designed Socrative, allowing teachers to generate exercises and educational games that students can solve using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Educators can analyze the results of these activities, and based on that analysis, they can make changes in subsequent lessons for a more personalized experience.

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Credits: socrative.com

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is an exceptional digital tool connecting teachers and students and is blended into the social network. In this online learning tool, educators can create collaborative groups, provide educational materials to students, measure their performance, and communicate with parents, among many other features.

edmodo logo
Credits: new.edmodo.com

Moreover, the platform has more than 34 million users, who come together to create a learning environment that is much more personalized, enriching, and aligned with the opportunities brought forward by technological means and the digital environment. Online learning gives a lot of advantages after the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Projeqt

Projeqt is an online learning tool for students and teachers that helps them create dynamic multimedia presentations, where they can embed interactive maps, online quizzes, links, videos, and much more. During a virtual classroom session, educators can share academic presentations with students.

4. Thinglink

thinglink logo
Credits: thinglink.com

Thinglink empowers educators to make interactive images with sounds, texts, photographs, and music. They can then share them on other websites or their social media handles, such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, it allows teachers to devise learning methodologies that spark curiosity among students through interactive content that can diversify their knowledge.

5. TED-ed

TED-ed is an online learning platform built around collaboration among teachers, students, animators, and people who seek to expand their knowledge and creative abilities.

TED-Ed logo
Credits: ed.ted.com

The website helps you create educational lessons and democratizes access to information for learners and educators. Hence, it allows every student to actively participate in the learning process. Follow strategies of online learning to be successful.

6. cK-12

cK-12 is an online learning tool that intends to reduce academic book costs for the K12 market in the United States and around the globe. Therefore, the platform has an open-source interface that assists in creating and distributing educational content like collaboration tools using the internet. This material uploaded on their website can be modified and contain audio, videos, and interactive exercises. It gives a personalized experience to its users as books created on the platform can be adapted to teachers’ and students’ needs. 

ck12 logo
Credits: ck12.org

7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the unique digital tools to improve student behavior. The app allows teachers to provide instant feedback to their students; thus, every good behavior gets rewarded, resulting in a receptive attitude of learners toward the learning process.

classdojo logo
Credits: classdojo.com/el-gr

In addition, real-time notifications are sent to students, such as “Well Done Laura!” and +1 for working collaboratively with peers. This information collected about learners’ behaviors can later be shared with parents through the web to let them know how their child is doing.

8. SimpliTaught

SimpliTaught is the best digital education tool for students looking for video lectures around critical concepts. The online platform maps content from verified educators worldwide to topics and presents it to students based on their learning behavior.

SimpliTaught Logo

Educators can also upload video content and books for student consumption and be part of the ecosystem. Students can choose content from an educator they understand best and want to learn from. Students can learn any topic of their interest from top university educators. The website also allows students to collaborate and discuss lessons with their peers through an online chat forum.

9. eduClipper

eduClipper is an online learning tool aiding teachers and students in sharing and exploring educational material and references. It allows you to collect information from the internet and then share it with peers in created groups, hence offering the possibility to effectively manage the educational content found on the internet.

Credits: educlipper.net

Consequently, it improves research techniques and generates a digital record of what learners have achieved during the course. Moreover, the platform allows teachers to organize virtual classes with the students, thus, creating a portfolio where they can store all the work carried out.

10. Storybird

Storybird (as the name suggests) uses the technique of storytelling to promote reading and writing skills in students.

storybird logo
Credits: storybird.com

Educators can create unique interactive and artistic books utilizing this tool’s easy-to-use interface. The stories they make can then be embedded in blogs, sent by email, printed, etc. In addition, educators can create projects with learners, give constant feedback, and organize online classes and grades.

11. Animoto

Animoto is an online learning platform that allows you to create high-quality videos from any mobile device, improve academic lessons, and inspire students.

Animoto Logo
Credits: animoto.com

The interface of Animoto is user-friendly and practical, helping educators to generate audio-visual content that can be personalized to specific educational needs. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest e-learning trends.

12. Kahoot!

This platform (Kahoot!) is based on games and questions. Educators can create discussions, questionnaires, or surveys complimenting students’ academic needs. The material they generate is projected in the classroom, allowing students to answer questions while playing and learning simultaneously. Kahoot! increases student engagement and helps build a dynamic, social, and fun academic environment by promoting game-based learning.

Kahoot! logo
Credits: kahoot.com

Final Thoughts

In the new era of learning, technology plays a fundamental role in meeting the educational needs of students. Therefore, it becomes imperative that there are online learning tools that provide quality education, making remote learning fun, interactive, and intriguing. With all that online learning has its own challenges and their solutions are provided.

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