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Unlocking the Benefits of Online Collaborative Learning

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Benefits of Online Collaborative Learning

Since the shift from traditional learning to online learning due to the global pandemic, we have seen a rise in the popularity of collaborative online learning. This form of education offered opportunities for learners to continue to learn together and work collaboratively, even in the absence of physical classroom space. Nonetheless, it is vital to consider the benefits of online collaborative learning.

What is Online Collaborative Learning?

Online collaborative learning is an educational approach where learners socially interact with fellow students and instructors. 

What is Online Collaborative Learning

Students work together to expand their knowledge of a skill or a particular subject. Students typically collaborate through message boards, live chats, or instant messaging in online learning environments

The underlying principle of online collaborative learning is that learners can nourish their educational experiences by interacting and learning from each other’s strengths. Furthermore, learners are responsible for motivating each other to perform actions and tasks that, in turn, encourage teamwork.

Advantages of Collaborative Online Learning

Collaborative online learning can be conducted on the web or offline. Students can attend it either synchronously or asynchronously. It enables learners to learn from the other students’ skillsets, ideas, and experiences.

Advantages of Collaborative Online Learning

In addition, students get the opportunity to learn various skills, such as collaborative team-building skills and group analysis, by engaging in a shared task (e.g., a lesson or a project). Here are some benefits they will gain from participating in online collaborative learning.

Social Benefits

Collaborative online learning helps students develop a social support network. Moreover, it results in diverse understandings among learners and educators.

Social Benefits

When students can communicate with each other and work as a team, they establish a healthy atmosphere for practicing cooperation, enabling the formation of learning communities.

Psychological Benefits

Learner-centered instruction enhances the self-esteem of students. As a result of improved self-esteem and cooperation, the anxiety associated with learning is reduced. Furthermore, it develops positive attitudes toward instructors.

Psychological Benefits

Academic Benefits

Online collaborative learning promotes critical thinking skills in learners. It empowers students to get actively involved in the learning process. Consequently, students’ overall classroom results are enhanced.

Academic Benefits

Learners learn appropriate problem-solving techniques to solve complex problems. In addition, large lectures are tailored to individual student needs, which motivates them to perform better in a specific curriculum.

Alternate Learner and Instructor Assessment Techniques

Collaborative teaching methods use various assessments. All in all, collaborative learning has many advantages, most notably in online group work. Team performance and team relationships are improved due to this learning method. Moreover, it aids learners in achieving their personal goals, acknowledging their self-esteem, and being more responsible positively.

Tips To Enhance Collaborative Learning

In live classes, collaborative learning is common practice for group activities. In reality, online courses require it more. For example, collaborative learning increases learners’ desire to learn more than just self-studying. It reduces search time on the internet and betters communication between members. As a result, productivity and teamwork get a significant boost. Hence, you must find ways to implement collaborative learning abilities in online group activities.

Tips To Enhance Collaborative Learning

Find Perfect Partners to Participate in An Online Class

It is essential to have ideal team members. Have participants that match requirements such as skill, timetable, or personality. To create such a team, you must learn about your classmates before joining any group. However, this team-building process can take a lot of work. But it is vital as the team needs to work together in the long run. You don’t need to worry, as there are many online collaboration tools available that help online study teams to work and learn together effectively.

Define Your Team Goal at the Beginning of the Session

Most people forget the first step of online collaborative learning. Besides achieving requirements set by instructors, learners must have their own targets. For instance, these targets can include completing tasks one week before the deadline, earning extra points, or setting the target to be the most active group. Whatever the goals, maybe, having this additional step aids teams to be more cohesive and fulfill tasks beforehand.

Create Online Activities for Groups and Classes

Conventional classroom learning does not usually adapt well to remote learning. Learners may have a horrific experience if educators try to replicate traditional learning techniques in online classes. You might be wondering how to make online education more engaging. Here’s how you can turn around the dreaded boring classes. You can utilize several tools, such as Kahoot!, SimpliTaught, etc., to enhance learning. Face-to-face games, team strategy games, Q&A games, etc., can make learning fun and engage students. Make your learning a social activity rather than just talking to your laptop, smartphone, or other devices.

Receive Feedback from Group Members

Instead of guessing the facial expressions, let assessments speak for themselves. Assessment results are much more precise than speculating what team members think of each other. Consequently, instructors will learn which evaluations they need to improve in classrooms. Additionally, most online learning tools have an evaluation function that aids students in improving their performance.

Final Thoughts!

Online collaborative learning is making education fun and exciting. The feeling of being a part of something bigger than oneself is beneficial for students. It offers them a sense of purpose and a feeling of accomplishment that they are part of something significant. In addition, it empowers them to learn from and connect with their classmates, which can be a powerful learning experience.

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