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17 Best Mobile Learning Apps for 2024

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Best Mobile Learning Apps

With the best mobile learning apps, you can leverage technology to help students learn new things in an engaging, fun, and highly effective way.

The most potent mobile learning apps offer a personalized learning plan and provide engaging content that keeps your students returning for more.

Even educators can use mobile learning apps for learners as a supplement to further aid their development, especially in virtual learning environments. Nonetheless, these apps can help in traditional classroom setups, as many instructors have started using mobile devices in their classrooms.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of top educational apps to assist you in making it through your exams and term tests or learning new skills. These applications are equipped with various features to suit your needs.

These mobile learning apps are top of the industry, offering certificates from renowned universities, companies, and institutions. Here are our top picks.

Best Mobile Learning Apps

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best online sources of learning for students worldwide. The app caters to the needs of students, principals, teachers, and adult learners. Khan Academy’s iOs and Android app enables you to take their courses anywhere. Likewise, you can sharpen your skills by enrolling and completing desired courses on the app.

Khan Academy Logo
Credits: khanacademy.org

Additionally, they have an app for kids to aid them in mastering subjects from Math to English to social studies, and quizzes to games. The kids’ mobile learning app is available on iPad and Android. It provides excellent learning opportunities, entertaining characters for kids’ better learning experiences, and a fun reward system.


Udemy is another excellent mobile learning app that you can utilize to improve your skills and knowledge. Udemy provides courses on varied talents, including video editing, search engine optimization, graphic design, English and other language courses, and much more.

Udemy logo
Credits: Udemy.com

In addition, Udemy offers free and premium courses, so you can take world-class courses and polish your abilities by learning from the best in the industry. Also, the app gives you certificates if you’re serious about mastering skills. Depending on its nature, you can get these certificates for a small price after completing your course and its related tasks and assignments.


Coursera is an excellent online learning platform that provides apps for iOS and Android. The website offers several courses to advance your careers and certifications from renowned universities and industry leaders like Facebook, IBM, and Google.

Coursera logo
Credits: coursera.org

Moreover, Coursera offers computer science, marketing, music, design, entrepreneurship, sciences, art, and more courses. You can easily download Coursera from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, which you can also access on the web.


If you want a professional degree and certification to land a job in the corporate world, then the best online educational resource is edX. The app now offers master’s and Ph.D. degrees. So, this application is revolutionizing the online learning environment.

edX logo
Credits: edx.org

It provides courses from organizations like Microsoft, Universities like MIT and Harvard. Therefore, you can complete classes from the comfort of your home and get a degree from the world’s best universities. You can hop onto their website or download edX from the App Store or Google Play for tablets and smartphones.


It is safe to say that YouTube is the primary education source for many subjects. It has changed a lot of stuff since its inception. The platform has thrived under Google and is the world’s largest video platform.

YouTube Logo
Credits: youtube.com

YouTube is the hub of everything related to video content. You can learn anything on the go while watching videos on YouTube. It doesn’t only provide entertainment but is also a source of learning for many. Many people have learned from the app and are now pursuing full-fledged careers.


For students who want to become pros at coding and learn new ways to program, SoloLearn is the best option for them. They can learn from the most extensive collection of coding-related content for free.

SoloLearn logo
Credits: sololearn.com

Also, the developers offer individual apps to learn C++, CSS, Python, HTML, and PHP. Additionally, learners can download SoloLearn on App Store or Google Play and learn coding while on the go.


It is an ed-tech platform offering curated content around key concepts. SimpliTaught provides students with opportunities to learn from the best educators worldwide. They can easily choose key learning concepts or courses they are interested in, and SimpliTaught’s AI+ML engine offers them a highly personalized learning experience based on their interests and preferences.

SimpliTaught Logo

In addition, for educators, content creators, and institutions, the platform lets them promote their lesson plans, courses, videos, audio, and other learning resources to students around the globe. You can SIMPLI learn anywhere and anytime.


It is a magical tool that helps you solve math problems by taking pictures. You can access step-by-step word problem explanations for every solution, interactive graphs, exclusive how-to animations, and a multi-function scientific calculator. Photomath’s app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Photomath logo
Credits: photomath.com


For language geeks and those who love learning new languages, Duolingo should be your first choice. It is an editor’s choice app on Google Play Store. The app provides French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Swedish, Danish, Irish, Polish, Arabic, English, Greek, Korean, and many more language courses.

Duolingo Logo
Credits: duolingo.com

Currently, more than 300+ million learners are practicing and working on their language skills on the app. The application is available on iOS and Android devices.


For those looking to improve their cognitive skills, Lumosity is the perfect app. Learners can achieve desired results through engaging and fun games. Lumosity offers personalized training programs focusing on memory, flexibility, attention, speed, and problem-solving. Finally, students can track their progress and adjust their training to get desired results.

Lumosity Logo
Credits: lumosity.com

The app’s games are based on neuroscience research. Experts have designed these games to be challenging and enjoyable. Lumosity also gives daily reminders and insights to aid users in staying motivated and engaged. Learners can improve their cognitive skills and enhance their overall brain health with Lumosity.


TED features talks from experts in various fields, covering topics from technology and science to global issues and creativity. The TED app offers access to inspiring tasks, including technology, art, design, and science, and engages with intriguing ideas from experts in the field.

TED-Ed logo
Credit: ed.ted.com

The app also features easy-to-use search functions, personalized playlists, and the ability to save talks for offline viewing. Using TED, learners can expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date about the latest developments in their area of interest.

Let’s Read

This online learning app is perfect for kids who love reading books. It is also best for children who want their parents or grandparents to read books aloud to them.

Let's Read logo
Credits: letsreadasia.org

Likewise, the app promotes reading skills and creates a good community for books at a very young age. However, the application is only available on iPad.


This app is a learning game utilized in offices, classrooms, and a social context. Educators, students, and business owners can use it.

Kahoot! logo
Credits: kahoot.com

In addition, the app can be used personally. It is accessible for all topics available, and you can quickly download it on iPad and Android. The application is suitable for all age groups.


This mobile app is best for high school and college students who want to excel in their exams. Currently, the app has 13 million users, with features such as flashcards, quizzes, games, and much more. You can download the app on Android and iPad.

quizlet logo
Credit: quizlet.com


It is an educational app that provides quizzes, animated videos, and games on a wide variety of topics, including social studies, English, science, arts, and math. 

BrainPOP Logo
Credits: brainpop.com

The application is designed for K-12 learners, where they can learn through interactive activities and engaging visuals that are both educational and fun. Moreover, teachers can monitor their students’ learning progress with assessment and progress-tracking features.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is specifically designed to aid people in learning new languages without any difficulties. It features courses in over 20 languages with a unique method that makes learning engaging and fun. With Rosetta, people can learn grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension skills at their own pace, and the application offers instant feedback to help enhance their speaking abilities.

Rosetta Stone logo
Credits: rosettastone.com

In addition, there is an online community of learners where you can quickly practice your language skills. Therefore, Rosetta Stone helps you become proficient in a new language and boosts your confidence when speaking.


Students can learn coding concepts, like variables, loops, and functions, by making their own animations, games, and interactive stories with Tynker. The app also provides coding challenges through puzzles to reinforce kids’ problem-solving abilities. 

Tynker Logo
Credits: tynker.com

Tynker is perfect for kids aged between 5 to 17 years. Likewise, its content is aligned with national standards, ensuring that your child only learns the best. Hence, children can develop critical thinking, creativity, and technology skills in an engaging and fun way.

Final Thoughts!

So, there you go! Learning couldn’t be easier and more fun without these top educational mobile apps. Most of these applications are free and accessible without any hidden charges. Moreover, they are easy to use and are at your fingertips on mobile devices anywhere you go. 

Hence, if you are a teacher or a student looking to improve your experience and learning method, then download these apps. Utilize your time in the best possible way, and boost your learning experience.

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