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AI in eLearning is Key for Smart Schools of the Future

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AI in eLearning is Key for Smart Schools of the Future

Smartphones, Smart Homes, and Now Smart Schools Too?

Yes, you heard it right! The world has seen a surge in automation thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), and the field of education is not far behind.

AI is a computer program that tries to replicate human intelligence. It can conduct specific tasks involving repetition, understanding language, recognizing patterns, solving problems, reasoning, and making decisions. This has opened the doors to a new era of eLearning where AI can support educators and help students study more effectively. It’s a huge step forward from the traditional one-size-fits-all learning approach because it acknowledges the different learning styles of students. AI models can help students leverage their unique strengths and weaknesses and learn according to their preferences, meaning they can slash their study time by half!

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI, but the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning is that ML can actually evolve based on its interactions with users. This means it can improve itself depending on students’ specific learning needs. This is BIG for college students with learning disabilities because it means they can receive customized study resources that suit them.

This blog is all about the use of AI in eLearning, the personalization of eLearning through AI, and how artificial intelligence is transforming the eLearning industry. So, make sure you read till the end to get a complete overview of AI in eLearning and what this means for students in the US.

Advantages of AI in eLearning

Students, educators, and institutions have been collectively questioning the effectiveness of learning strategies in traditional classrooms. However, we didn’t have too many options before AI. The use of AI in eLearning has led to customization, adaptive learning, and a capacity to accommodate college students with unique learning patterns.

AI is Making Learning Customized

We’ve even outlined some specific advantages of AI in eLearning below:

AI is Making Learning Customized

AI and ML can review individual student performance and identify learning gaps. This means they can help students assess their current understanding of the learning materials and then work on their weaknesses. Students in a classroom will have different learning styles, preferences, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. The use of AI in eLearning provides these students with a platform that matches their educational needs. This helps them learn effectively and retain information longer. SimpliTaught is a great example of the personalization of eLearning through AI. It uses AI and ML to recommend learning materials to students. Plus, these recommendations are customized over time to suit each individual student.

AI is Making Learning Adaptive

Another example of how artificial intelligence is transforming the eLearning industry is adaptive learning. Adaptive learning means adjusting learning environments to suit individual students instead of the other way around. So, students don’t have to take on the burden of adapting to their teacher’s teaching style – they can focus on studying the way they learn best using AI-based eLearning platforms for students, such as SimpliTaught. Students will find study resources customized to their needs and preferences on the platform, which will adapt to their learning style to help them learn better.

AI is Making Learning More Data-Driven

Besides the personalization of eLearning through AI, the use of AI in eLearning also makes the learning process more data-driven. SimpliTaught’s AI and ML models determine which resources students find helpful and adjust recommendations accordingly. However, it doesn’t simply end there. When this information reaches educators, they can use these insights to make changes to the curriculum. This means they can improve their courses to make them more student-friendly and maximize student engagement for future classes.

AI is Making Learning More Accessible

Accessibility is important in education, especially when it comes to online learning for students with learning disabilities. AI in eLearning can enable online learning platforms for students to encourage inclusivity at educational institutions through:

  • language-based support
  • a user-friendly interface
  • the use of simple language
  • customization at the individual level

This ensures that all students have equal access to the classroom, understand the textbook concepts presented,  and reach the expected academic standards to graduate successfully.

AI is Helping Students Do More in Less Time

When it comes to how artificial intelligence is transforming the eLearning industry, we need to understand two things:

  • AI is making learning easier, meaning students will understand more clearly
  • AI is improving learning efficiency, meaning students can study twice as fast

Microlearning is an interesting concept that allows students to learn and understand everything they need to know about a concept in 10 minutes or less. Many eLearning platforms for students are leveraging this technique to help students maximize their productivity during study sessions, leaving more time for them to manage other responsibilities in their lives. Remember, college students are often struggling to manage time between multiple responsibilities at once – and the use of AI in eLearning helps ease the burden of studying.

SimpliTaught Supports the Use of AI in eLearning

SimpliTaught Supports the Use of AI in eLearning

SimpliTaught is an eLearning platform for college students. It uses AI and ML to provide customized learning resources to students. For example, if a student is a visual learner, SimpliTaught will find videos and diagrams on the internet to help them effectively understand the concepts in their textbooks. In fact, we know that most students won’t fall into a single learning style category and will instead learn better by engaging multiple senses at the same time. The SimpliTaught platform supports this through multi-modal learning resources like videos, podcasts, blogs, articles, etc. Also, our ML model will observe student study behaviors and use this information to ensure quality recommendations. In short, the more students use our platform, the better it will start to understand how they learn most effectively, and the sooner it will be able to provide them with customized learning resources.

Besides the personalization of eLearning through AI, students can also chat with educators and other students to share ideas, discuss information, and even ask questions related to the concepts in their textbooks – yet another effective way to drive comprehension and learning retention. Learn more about how artificial intelligence is transforming the eLearning industry, and how SimpliTaught’s use of AI in eLearning helps students study better, faster, and smarter. Contact us today at info@SimpliTaught.com.

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