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How to Study Faster with AI

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How to Study Faster with AI

Did you know that 86% of educators think technology like AI must be a part of the teaching and learning process?

But they didn’t reach this conclusion overnight. In fact, when most educational institutions had to use technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was their worst nightmare – keyword: was. 

Unsurprisingly, as the pandemic progressed, technology like AI turned out to be pretty useful. Students and educators could do everything that they were already doing, but it was a whole lot easier. Automation meant things could ‘happen’ on their own, and automating grading and other tedious tasks made more time for educators to spend on actually teaching their students. As for students, they could schedule and set reminders for tasks to ensure they never missed a deadline. Plus, tools like Grammarly helped make sure their submissions were always error-free. And somehow, by the end of the pandemic, technology boosted productivity to an extent that allowed it to stay relevant even post-pandemic. And that explains why educators support using technological aids to enhance learning.

Tips to Study Faster

Studying faster means you can get more done in less time. This means you have more time to do things you love and recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries. However, when it comes to studying, the common misperception is that you NEED to spend hours on end to get good grades. Don’t worry, though, because we don’t expect you to do that. We know that it’s neither practical nor productive to spend days studying the same material – it just means that the learning material doesn’t match your academic needs and learning behaviors.

So, if you’re interested in cutting down your study time, we have a few tips for how to study faster and effectively:

Start Small

If you try to cover everything all at once, you might end up not covering anything at all. We recommend starting with the basics before moving on to more difficult concepts. This would allow your brain to logically build upon ideas rather than trying to simply memorize the material – and that’s precisely the difference between getting a degree and getting an education.

Prioritize Time Management and Planning

To be productive, you need to prioritize time management and planning. Setting schedules, reminders, and dedicated study slots helps you do better because you better understand the urgency and importance of various tasks. This also means you won’t miss deadlines or have to cram at the last minute.

Consider Microlearning

Microlearning means breaking down complex concepts into smaller chunks that are easily digestible in 10 minutes or less. This is great because it provides sufficient flexibility while also ensuring that you understand your study material.

Use Digital Tools

Digital tools can provide additional support to help you study faster and effectively. This especially includes AI-based tools and platforms that enable you to quickly review learning material and understand textbook concepts using a microlearning-based approach (Hint: SimpliTaught).

Now, if you want to know how to study faster, these tips can be helpful – but the real magic happens when you start integrating technology into your study routine. The great thing about using technology for education is that it can help you do more in less time by making every step easier – like a helpful assistant!

How Can AI Help Students Study Faster?

How Can AI Help Students Study Faster

AI in education has been a hot topic for quite some time, and while some fear robots might take over the world if we let them control too many things, the more rational party understands that AI is just a tool. AI is not meant to replace teachers at educational institutions – it’s only meant to support their efforts. It can help them automate and boost productivity without taking away from their role or presence. Plus, students can use it to study faster, too.

Generative AI-based tools like ChatGPT can answer students’ questions within literal seconds! Technology can dumb down tricky concepts to help students make more sense of their study materials. This means they can learn at their own pace and really take the time to understand core concepts. This is especially useful for students with learning disabilities as it can support their unique learning patterns through a personalized and adaptive learning approach.

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning environments adjust learning resources to accommodate the individual academic needs of students. This includes difficulty level, language proficiency, and even mode of instruction (audio, video, text, etc.). For an online learning platform like SimpliTaught, this means having a range of multimodal learning options to ensure that students can instantly access the right resources to make more sense of their textbook concepts.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning takes it a step further by recording the unique learning patterns of students. At SimpliTaught, we use machine learning to ensure that our platform can adapt to deliver each student a personalized online learning experience. By understanding your academic needs and preferences, content recommendations are personalized to suit you specifically.

AI Vs. Traditional Learning

AI Vs  Traditional-Learning

Traditional learning is problematic because it refuses to acknowledge learning differences and differences in student abilities. All students, regardless of their background or experiences, must learn the same way from a standard textbook and materials. And then they’re also expected to perform equally. This system has been in place long enough, but it doesn’t generate results, and it certainly doesn’t help most students learn.

AI-powered learning is different – it aims to challenge and address learning barriers head-on. It leads through personalization to accommodate all sorts of students. It accepts that students learn differently and also have different needs, preferences, focus areas, and skills. This means that it guarantees individual attention for each student, which ultimately gives every student a fair chance at learning.

Best AI Tools for College Students

Best AI Tools for College Students

Since AI is so great for learning, you’ll find many tools and online learning platforms for students using AI and other such technologies. However, while this means you have more options, choosing the right technology is harder. Because, come on, who even has the time to try every other option before finding an actually helpful resource? We know college students have to juggle multiple responsibilities, and they don’t have time to waste – but you know what?

We’ve rounded up our favorite AI tools that can make student life at least 10x easier for college students. So, stop what you’re doing and check this out:

#1 ChatGPT

ChatGPT is insanely popular because it’s super easy to access and convenient to use. Sure, it has drawbacks, like presenting fake links and made-up facts at times, but it’s still useful when you need quick answers. It’s also great for summarizing long passages and helping you understand core concepts. Just try asking it to ‘explain a difficult concept to a 10-year-old’, and it will help simplify it so you can understand it better.

#2 Mindgrasp.AI

Mindgrasp.ai is another useful AI-based learning tool that generates notes and summaries. Plus, if you upload a document or link, it can answer your questions related to that file. It’s even compatible with videos, making it a go-to when reviewing study materials before an exam.

#3 MyEssai

MyEssai is an AI tutor specifically designed to help out with essays. It can assess your submissions and give feedback on subject relevance and other essay metrics to help you improve your final draft and boost your grades. It’s a tried-and-tested platform for college students.

#4 Unschooler

This AI assistant recommends career options based on your skills and interests. While not directly a learning tool, it can be a game-changer for college students. Since it can help identify skill gaps based on your profile, it can help you understand focus areas or “learning areas” you need to work on. This means that you can use it to kind of break down your future (career) goals on a skill basis to make them more achievable.

#5 SimpliTaught

If you’re looking for how to study faster and effectively, you definitely can’t miss SimpliTaught. It implements effective learning strategies for students using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our AI feature searches the internet for study materials relevant to your textbook concepts, while our ML model personalizes these content recommendations based on your unique learning behaviors. What’s more, we also have a live chat and video chat feature, so you can still connect with educators if you have any questions.Connect with us at info@SimpliTaught.com or visit our website at www.SimpliTaught.com to discover how we can help you study faster and boost your grades!

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